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Custom Built Homes and Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient home in San Antonio, TX Choosing an energy efficient home is a great investment. Not only do energy efficient homes save the homeowner money, they also reduce waste, water consumption and overall energy use.

Building an energy efficient home with a green home builder means the entire structure of your home is taken into consideration when thinking about how energy will be and should be used. Climate, the occupant's behavior, heating and cooling, insulation, appliances and electronics, and more are all factors when building a new home. It is the goal of the builder to use renewable energy systems during construction which will benefit the homeowner and the environment.

Some of the most important factors when building an energy efficient home deal with the materials used. Using spray foam insulation allows for regulated temperature control, keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Low-e double-pane vinyl-frame windows reduces solar heat gain, regulating the temperature in your home and also protects against your fabrics from fading.

ENERGY STAR Certification

Perhaps one of the most significant considerations when building an energy efficient home is ensuring it meets ENERGY STAR qualifications. Choosing a certified ENERGY STAR custom home builder means your home will be built using "tried and true" energy efficient products that meet Energy Star CertificationENERGY STAR guidelines. Your home will come complete with everything you need to reduce energy costs and maximize comfort.

Why Choose Imagine Homes as your Green Home Builder?

Imagine Homes is an industry leader in San Antonio when it comes to energy efficiency and green technology. We are one of the few home builders that currently qualifies as a 100% certified ENERGY STAR homebuilder. That means every one of our homes is tested and approved.

Our energy efficient homes are up to 60% more efficient than a standard new build. With an Imagine Home, you will save 50% or more on your utility bills and enjoy the comfort and peace of mind that comes with purchasing one of our beautiful homes.

At Imagine Homes, we have several communities throughout San Antonio, with every home meeting ENERGY STAR's certification requirements. Please browse through our available homes to find the plan that works right for you, or contact one of our spectacular team members with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!