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Benefits of Green Home Building

The best homes on the planet, for the planet.

Energy efficient home in San Antonio, TX While some companies can only dream of adding a few green home features, Imagine Homes offers award-winning home designs that are built from the ground up. Our clients in San Antonio, TX, breathe easier knowing that their homes are valuable, comfortable, safe, and energy efficient.

Here’s how everyone wins with green home building:

Improve Air Quality
Dow products provide unbeatable moisture and air protection for your children and pets.

Cut Costs
Spray foam insulation and efficient windows save our customers around 50% on heating and cooling costs.

Spray foam wall San AntonioIncrease Comfort
Better insulation means more consistent, comfortable temperatures in your home all year long.

Save Natural Resources
Cut down on the consumption of energy and conserve water with one of our many green home designs.

Diminish Waste
Adhering to Energy Star programs enables us to reduce greenhouse gases and solid waste.

At Imagine Homes, we like to imagine a future when you, your family members, and the environment all benefit from green homes. All of our services are paired with inspections and monitoring that ensure your home is the “greenest” it can be! Read more about green building here, and then contact us to discuss your needs.